What is a photographer?

A photographer is someone who take’s a picture (or maybe yours) in a studio, at a wedding, at an event or on the street. Most people see them as simply a person with a camera who points it and presses a button to take the picture. They don’t appreciate the skill or knowledge that, that photographer has gained. When they want to hire a photographer, and hear the cost, they often think to themselves “for taking a few pictures!”

The reality is a photographer is a professional who has a creative eye, who can compose a picture with a subject, knows exactly how to us the natural lighting or flash, how to set their equipment properly and finally how to edit the photograph afterwards. It is an incredibly skilled job and much more than a point a shoot effort…

Unfortunately there are many incredibly bad photographers out there who have simply purchased a camera and a few accessories and then promote themselves as a photographer…. I am not one of them. I know my limitations, I know what I can and can’t do, and I most certainly am not a photographer. I am an amateur who purchased a nice expensive camera because I have a passion…  I am learning the craft on my own terms and enjoying myself.

Here I will share some of my pictures with you my audience. These might very good or they might be terrible. Most will not be edited in post as I simply haven’t got my head around Photoshop or Light room just yet. But in time maybe I will…

Just another ramble



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